Robinson R66 Marine

This is the newest model of the American producer built based on the type R44.  It is bigger than its older brother, has one more passenger seat (pilot + 4 passengers) and a large luggage compartment. One of the main differences is also the engine - the piston Lycoming from R44 is replaced here by a powerful turbine Rolls Royce RR300 engine. The two-blade main rotor design, the T-shaped control system and the overall appearance of the machine (aerodynamics) have been preserved.  However, it is a bit lighter with better performance and larger dimensions.
Our R66 is only 2 years old and less than 200 hours. It is equipped with Aspen Avionics digital on-board instruments, the best BOSE A20 aviation headphones powered from a helicopter with active noise cancellation and bluetooth, audio system with mix option for the pilot and passengers (possibility of playing music), pop-up floats, radio  with 8.33 kHz separation and option of listening to 2 frequencies, the ELT Kanard system and leather upholstery especially for your comfort.  Come on board.


210 km/h

600 km

Number of passengers
max. 4